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2020 was a great year for Motivational speech music. We had a client personally go over 500,000 streams on one album, and many others had success as well. On this page we break streaming down for you in the fewest words possible.

Streaming allows you to cross over into new markets without even leaving your home! Performance rights income is generated from the performance, broadcasting or streaming of music compositions.

Any time a song is played on the radio, broadcast on television, screened in movie theaters, played in bars and clubs, performed live in concert, or streamed online, the owner of that song’s copyright receives a payment.

You and your favorite musician are similar in the fact that you travel and speech to crowds. However, they are probably making more revenue than you on the back end.In 1941, the US department of Justice issued consent decrees, legal rules that established standardized rates of payment for performance and broadcasting. 

We can show you how to make atleast 10k Streaming your speech music and create a fan base for your speeches.

The payments from an individual performance can be small, but when has multiple streams of income ever been a bad thing? Performance rights organizations will scour the web, radio, and music venues to collect the maximum amount of revenue to distribute to writers and publishers. To receive royalties you have to be registered as the writer or co writer.

Has a venue ever played music to introduce you? Venues pay the PRO and receive a blanket license to broadcast and stream music. The next time you are paid to speak; ask if you could broadcast your theme music at your introduction.

Motivational speaker Eric Thomas really opened the door on what is possible a few years back when he peaked at #46 on the billboard top 100 songs. This year Motivational content on Spotify alone has received over 400,000 monthly listeners.

With our service we have also been able to reap some of the benefits from the rising industry of motivational speech music.  Landing a partnership with Peptalk motivation to create motivational speech music.

With our remix process we craft your message, and get in front of the right people that will support it.

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