Chawn Bracey is the founder of Motivator Music LLC. He uses his remix process to develop speaking albums and videos for his clients. Helping his clients land commercial voice over deals, earn thousands of streams, and grow their digital footprint.

Chawn launched his career as a music video director while still in broadcasting school. In between videos he would often recruit classmates to be in positive skits. Ultimately lead to a motivational speaker taking notice. Curious how they could collaborate he sent Chawn a voice over of his speech to edit. That first voice over sparked an international collaboration featuring speakers in over 12 countries.

A number of speakers featured on the album found value and began to inquire about having there own material produced. From there Chawn noticed gaps within the speaking industry, which certain music industry techniques could fill.


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Jeff Baird

I’ve needed a professional demo reel for my speaking business for a few years. I kept trying to do it myself. I wish I’d just used Chawn’s services sooner! He did a great job on my video, bringing a level of professionalism and credibility to my demo reels. I use this video whenever I’m applying for speaking opportunities.

Soko (Gonsan) Rand

Thank you Chawn for your guidance and expertise in creating my first marketing campaign. Your visual skills and editing capabilities are unmatched! I highly recommend your videography and editing services.

John Baldoni

Chawn is an exceptional talent. He has the ability to size up a project and turn it into a compelling video. Creative as well as insightful Chawn is also dependable and delivers what he says he will do… often exceeding expectations.

Voltaire Xodus

I’m writing this letter on behalf of Chawn Bracey and his animation contribution to the #WeWomen Global Tour. WeUp is a tech startup in Amsterdam and we are going to 10 cities around the world awarding high level C Suit women. During the life of the campaign Chawn was able to produce some digital animated work that helped us explain our message in an artistic way. Specifically producing a 60 second short. What stood out most about Chawn was his timelines to produce his deliverables. As a founder of WeUp I can say from my experience it’s rare to find a person who keeps their word and delivers their commitments. Chawn’s ethics would be a valuable resource to any team trying to meet their marks. Chawn is a professional and I would recommend him to any company who is looking for a employee looking to grow in the digital animation space.

Troy Hipolito

Chawn was a great presenter and speaker at an event and currently working on a project together. I am very to have met him. He also is a good person to know as he finds ways to help others to be more successful. I look forward to building our LinkedIn training package with him. I suggest if others need to package their video’s voice-overs, events, or market such things for business purposes please contact reach out to him.

Margaret Watts Romney

I’m the founder of MasterSpeaker Lab and I run a group of emerging speaker-leaders at The Speakership Club. At one of our weekly Speaking Training events, I invited Chawn to present to us about his unique process of amplifying thought-leaders’ messages. In my industry, I see that so many speakers are working to get their messages heard, but with so few live events lately and with the very full field of speakers, I see that Chawns ideas and services stand out as a powerful tool for speakers to craft their message and augment their audience. As he spoke to my group, we were immediately drawn in by his welcoming presence, his thoughtful remarks, his valuable ideas, and his generous sharing. He went above and beyond walking us through his masterful industry knowledge, and personalizing his answers to individual’s questions. Everyone left the event inspired, and I know I’m going to send my speaking clients his way for when they need a unique, artful, and powerful way to share their message. 

Albert Mensah

I have worked with Chawn since 2015. Chawn is one of the best I have been around when it comes to video production. The professionalism, attention to detail, pre, during, and post-production skills of Chawn are amazing. His level of responsiveness, flexibility, and willingness to go the extra mile makes working with him an absolute pleasure. Chawn is the only company that I will work with when it comes to high-end video production. If you are serious about making your company, your speaking demo video, or telling your story, Chawn Bracey is whom I would highly recommend. I will 100% vouch for his incredible knowledge and results.

Marques Ogden

I have had the pleasure of working with Chawn for my mix motivational tape. His work is extremely top flight and professional and he is a real joy to work with! I highly recommend him and his brand and please contact me assuming you have any questions or inquiries Marques

Akeem Haynes

Chawn is very diligent and intentional with his work. The video that he edited and created for me was a testament of his outstanding work towards his craft.

Tricia Andreassen

Chawn has been incredible to work with from talent, to timeline to attitude! He has done new audio clips for me which now is crossing over into video work and even additional strategies such as my live events and radio show. If you are looking for someone to pick up the ball and carry it down the field, he is a must have in your team.

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