Speaking Albums

Inspirational content is the most sought-after material online today. Motivational speech music averages over 300k monthly listeners across top platforms like Motiversity and the Peptalk app alone.
Some of the biggest speakers in the game like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Eric Thomas, etc. All have motivational speaking albums.
Speaking Albums provide you instant credibility, passive income, lifetime marketability, etc. As well as a B2C and B2B solution when used the right way.
You may be shocked to find out that you and your favorite musician are not all that different after all. You both speak to crowds and leverage your message for opportunities.
Streaming allows you to cross over into new markets without even leaving your home. It provides the opportunity to engage directly with potential clients as well as statistics to leverage directly to event planners, speaking bureaus, TV & film, etc.
A speaking album is a sure-fire way to help you stand out above all of your competition. We use our three-step remix process to produce your album along with updating your speaking reel complimentary.

Over the years we have developed the best practices for helping you build your numbers across platforms so that you can leverage for speaking opportunities.

We Focus On Two Types Of Tracks

When choosing to create a speaking album you are providing your listeners a platform to know, like, and trust your brand all in one listen. Over the course of tracks, you are providing education, entertainment, and information.

Motivation on the go provides them the opportunity to implement your strategies as they listen. Marketing successfully in 2021 we have to find ways to change up the process a bit. Traditionally thought leaders have chosen to write books to highlight their expertise.

Upbeat Inspiration

Having a speaking album can help you sell your book, coaching program, and course. You can also build an entire workshop around your speaking album. Effective content is what leads to link clicks, opt-ins, and new business.

The bigger your community the more power you have. Conversely, the smaller your community, the less relevant you are, especially to event planners looking for the best option.

Cinematic Score

Think of all of the people that wake up and exercise every morning or all of the people that need something engaging to listen to while working. Your speaking album could be the soundtrack to their execution. For that, you will be rewarded with thousands of streams that you can leverage into speaking opportunities.

It’s time to start looking at Speaking Albums in the same light that you look at writing a book, launching a coaching program, or creating a course. Book a call now to learn more.

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