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We help you monetize your signature talk with our 3-step Remix Process

The 5 steps to Monetizing your Speaking Business

The 5 steps to monetizing your Speaking Business COVID bundle

You receive a training course and ebook that will guide you as you monetize your speaking business. Learn how you can make 6 figures from streaming your speeches.


Motivator Music Remix Process

Imagine having enough content online to guide your viewers through the process of buying your products, opting into trainings, streaming your speeches, and increasing your bookings because of it.

Our services are designed to help you monetize your speaking business the right way!

“It can be used as a sales asset, put on Youtube, in email, sold at the back of the room, and used as a part of my marketing strategy”

– Taylor Payne Speaker Flow

Years ago a motivational speaker reached out curious about how we could collaborate. That collaboration turned into a collaborative speaking album featuring speakers in countries from here to Somalia.

Our service was created when speakers on the album found value, and asked what it would cost to have their own album produced.

We now help you position your brand to land voice over opportunities in commercials, video games, and films.

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