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How To Raise Your Speaking Fee By Incorporating Music Industry Techniques

  I’m no genie but your income streams as a professional speaker are probably some form of coaching, book sales, and speaking engagements. It’s an easy assumption when most speakers are doing the same things to market themselves. Just imagine how all the event planners feel! It’s never been easier to stand out from the…

Top 75 Motivational Speakers & Coaches To Watch Today

    You know the moment: You’re browsing through the Internet looking for inspiration until you run into a piece of golden content that gives you life. Someone on this list likely posted that content. It’s hard to maintain momentum without a daily dose of inspiration. When a speaker said, “Motivation is like bathing, it…

Top 25 Motivational Speakers On Spotify Today: Building Community Beyond The Stage

It all starts with music. Decades ago, our only options where vinyl recordings. Today, record labels are focusing on Tik Tok attention and viral music playlist. Some speakers on this list used to have to press up motivational CD’s just to extend their voice beyond the stage. Today they can distribute their music to over…

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