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Inspirational content is the most sought-after material online today. Motivational speech music averages over 300k monthly listeners across top platforms like Motiversity, and the Peptalk app alone.

Well-known speakers like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Eric Thomas, etc. All have speaking albums. They use their music as an entry to their brand creating an emotional connection.

You may be shocked to find out that you and your favorite musician are not all that different after all. You both travel and speak to crowds for a fee! However, I bet your favorite musician’s content is a lot more readily accessible than yours!

2020 was a great year for Motivational speech music. Today motivational content on Spotify receives over 400,000 monthly listeners. We had a client personally go over 500,000 streams on an album.

Streaming allows you to cross over into new markets without even leaving your home! Performance rights income is generated from the performance, broadcasting, or streaming of music compositions.

Any time a song is played on the radio, broadcast on television, screened in movie theaters, played in bars and clubs, performed live in concert, or streamed online, the owner of that song’s copyright receives a payment.

The payments from an individual performance can be small, but when have multiple streams of income ever been a bad thing? Performance rights organizations will scour the web, radio, and conference venues to collect the maximum amount of revenue to distribute to writers and publishers. Being that you wrote your speeches you will qualify as both!

To receive royalties you have to be registered as the writer or co-writer. All in all distributing speech music can be massive for your speaking business. This is all taken care of for you as a part of our speaking album package. This can be used as a business-to-consumer strategy and business to business.

You engage directly with potential fans and leverage it directly to event planners and speaking bureaus. A speaking album is a sure-fire way to help you stand out above all of your competition. We use our three-step remix process to produce your album along with updating your speaking reel complimentary.

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