Motivator Music Founder Chawn Bracey

“Your dreams give you energy, knowledge gives you momentum”

We serve professional speakers and entrepreneurs to help them monetize their message and license it out to the masses. Content has power, our goal is to help change lives by delivering impactful content with impactful people.

Chawn built a niche within motivational content dating back almost 8 years. Now a days he spends most of his time creating cinematic speech music from voice overs. Or creating various types to short form content and marketing campaigns.


Video production

Multimedia editing

Speech music

Industry Insight

Media Background

Freelance Multimedia Producer & Strategist
(2011 – Present)
* Full cycle production of multimedia packages. Examples include trailer videos, speaking albums, and demo reels.

*Creating and monitoring various marketing campaigns aimed at increasing website traffic and social media engagment.

*Responsible for development, customer relations, and content creation.

Pep Talk Motivation
(2018 – Present)
*Create inspirational audio tracks using voice overs from speeches within the Pep talk motivation digital archive.

*Collaborate with 6 figure motivational speakers such as Dan Waldschmidt, William Hollis, Akeem Haynes, etc.

NASCAR Productions
(2012 – 2014)
*Ingest media clips with top level metadata

*Record and monitor all press coverage

*Create deliverables for clients in a variety of formats.

Motivation for the Motivated is a grassroots motivational movement built around the spread of knowledge. We do this by passing out bookmarks in between shooting motivational short films.

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