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You know how to command a room. What if you were able to monetize those talks beyond just one room? As conference organizers and event planners compile a shortlist of speakers, they are sifting through a plethora of potential speakers. Content is the great equalizer for people, allowing you to catch the eye of the crowd and provide an unforgettable experience for your listeners. Create your digital real estate by using macro versions of your speeches. Make revenue from your streaming by using sites like iTunes and showcasing your skills through your social media platforms. We pull the best material from your speaking engagements and give it our special sauce. This means cinematic or upbeat music, animated text, and anything that takes your content to the next level.

Google truly acts as the internet’s road map. Any piece of content you create contributes to the growth of your digital real estate. Content comes in a variety of formats. Imagine having ample web content to walk your audience through the process of purchasing your merchandise, signing up for trainings, streaming your speeches, and increasing your bookings as a result.

Your next opportunity does not have to come in the form of a speaking engagement. We work with you to put your name out there so that you can get voiceover work in advertisements, videogames, and films. Motivational audios on spotify along have attracted over 300,000 monthly listeners so far this year, As a result, our clients are able to reap the benefits of having albums created around there signature talks.

Have new material that you know will make an impact? At Motivator Music, we can help you stand out. We’ll take your best work and combine it with new material. The result is content you can release for streaming and more. You have the expert knowledge on your niche while we possess the skills to up your game. Let us work together to boost your speaking business!

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We use our remix process to properly monetize your talks. We mix your voice over overs, pre-existing content, speaking engagements, etc. with and turn into digital real estate. This means cinematic or upbeat music, video material, and anything that takes your content to the next level, and the best part? You don’t need to fill a crowded room to reach a crowd and reap the benefits. Simply record your voice overs from your home office or from your phone. Send it over to us and we will add all the bells and whistles to make your content truly pop. Get the speaking album you’ve been needing! Imagine having ample web content to walk your audience through the process of purchasing your merchandise, signing up for training, streaming your speeches, and increasing your bookings as a result.

Step One – Recording/Submitting Your Voice Overs

We’ll plan out and outline your project depending on your goals. We typically like to get a feel for your signature talk, and then segment your talk into a few subcategories for you to touch on. We’ll either arrange an in-studio session, arrange a time to review your pre-existing material, or plan to have you record voiceovers from your home studio.

Step Two – Multimedia Production

This is where the magic happens! Starting with pre-production where we develop your archive. Imagine your words and phrases on a digital assembly line where we take the best parts of your speeches and build music around them. We also create video content that will solidify you in the eyes of your clients. Whether that is fixing up your speaker reel, starting from scratch, creating trailer videos, animated videos, etc. Videos depend on what you are looking to accomplish with your brand.

Step Three – Marketing & Distribution

We distribute your new speech music to all the major streaming platforms, as well as some others specific to motivational content. We also add your new tracks to relevant Spotify playlists to get you started earning streams. We can also create a one-page website/lead page where we make a track available for download free of charge. This will help you build your base and lead generation. After working with us you are sure to stand out over most any speaker.

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What is it that you guys do exactly?

We are a media production company within the speaking business that specializes in creating speaking albums. We also create demo reels, trailers, infomercials, etc. We implement music industry marketing techniques to help our clients build their brand across social platforms to leverage into more speaking opportunities.

How does it work with copyright when you do these?

We distribute your speech through a PRO called distrokid. All you will need to do is provide an email for us to send all of your residuals. You’ll also be able to track your streaming numbers, demographics, etc. It takes 3 months for the streaming sites to make withdraws available from your streaming revenue. Afterwards you’ll be able to draw as much as you like.

How can you help me grow my speaking business?

You should expect to see an increase in your bookings within 30 days of working with us. This will be a result of us growing your digital footprint with our offerings. We break your speaking topic down into a series of tracks that represent your album.

We market your tracks to platforms and motivational playlist that are likely to engage with your material. This builds an audience across streaming platforms that you can leverage into speaking opportunities. This in combination with us providing you updated video content will help you stand out above your peers and command any fee you desire.