How To Leverage Your Speaking Album To Sell More Of Your Products And Get More Speaking Engagements

When choosing to create a speaking album you are providing your listeners a platform to know, like, and trust your brand all in one listen. Over the course of tracks you are providing education, entertainment, and information.

Motivation on the go provides them the opportunity to implement your strategies as they listen. Marketing successfully in 2021 we have to find ways to change up the process a bit. Traditionally thought leaders have chosen to write books to highlight their expertise.

While that still holds weight; you would probably agree that it is more noteworthy to have a “Speaking Album” attached to your name than a book. Event planners understand that most speakers can provide similar value with their keynotes. Which is why the margins are so thin when deciding to book one speaker over another.

Having a speaking album can help you sell your book, coaching program, and course. You can also build an entire workshop around your speaking album. Effective content is what leads to link clicks, opt ins, and new business.

The bigger your community the more power you have. Conversely, the smaller your community, the less relevant you are, especially to event planners looking for the best option.

Why limit your targeting only to running ads to your website? Albums can provide a B2B and B2C solution! Whether you are aiming at targeting a sports team or a yoga instructor, a speaking album is the way to reach your potential audience.

This may sound a bit futuristic, but some of the biggest speakers today have been incorporating these strategies right under your nose. Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, and Eric Thomas all have speaking albums that have done really well.

Inspirational content is actually the most sought after material online today. Did you know that motivational speech music averages over 300k monthly listeners on Spotify alone?

Think of all of the people that wake up and exercise every morning, or all of the people that need something engaging to listen to while working. Your speaking album could be the sound track to their execution. For that you will be rewarded with thousands of streams that you can leverage into speaking opportunities.

Typical book is 30-50k words. A big book is 100k. A huge book is 100-200k. A monster book is 300k. You could spend a year writing a book or dedicate a few hours to recording a few voice-overs. No need to stress over the post production, marketing, and distribution. Send them to us so we can work our magic!

It’s time to start looking at Speaking Albums in the same light that you look at writing a book, launching a coaching program, or creating a course. Below we have outlined how you can tie an album into what you may already be doing.

How to use an album to sell your book?

Album as a lead magnet

Free download if you pre order the book

Listen to album for free with a guarantee to leave review on book

Create messaging that keep the conversation going

How to use an album to sell your course?

Use tracks to highlight sections of the course

Use points made in speeches to highlight sections of the course

Album as a lead magnet

Create messaging that keep the conversation going

How to build a workshop around your album?

A workshop themed around your album will instantly make it twice as interactive

Take the album and use it as a subject matter for an interactive experience

Workbook/ worksheet/ guide

Create messaging that keep the conversation going

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