Lets take a look at the music industry where artist are releasing new music all the time. Imagine getting paid to speech as well as from Performance Rights Royalties. You walk out on to the stage with your own personal Theme Music and earn additional profits because of it.

Performance rights income is generated from the performance, broadcasting or streaming of music compositions. Any time a song is played on the radio, broadcast on television, screened in movie theaters, played in bars and clubs, performed live in concert, or streamed online, the owner of that song’s copyright receives a payment. Best thing about it is you don’t have to sing! You can literally upload acapella speeches to streaming platforms.

Have you ever thought about what it would take to get your motivational speech played in a commercial or on TV? Those opportunities very much exist, and its as simple as submitting your content to the right source. 

Going through the same avenues that a musician would take to land the same opportunities. You may be wondering how your raw speech would fit into a movie but the key is not to submit your plane speech. Cinematic speech music is the way to go

if you want to be seriously considered for one of these opportunities. Just think about your speech in a movie trailer, you are probably imagining it with some kind of piano melody. Creating and distributing your speech music on your current social media platforms is definitely a way to align your brand to get placements maybe even with out being the one to reach out first.

Your next big opportunity doesn’t have to come in the form of a speaking engagement. It could be on a commercial, short film, feature length movie, documentary, or something else.

Last week United Master hosted a live video on this subject, and I couldn’t help but think about what this means for motivational speakers. Motivational speakers and Musicians have more similarity’s than we may currently realize. They both make profits in some of the same ways but traditionally speakers have not fully taken advantage of what is possible today.

Streaming was an 8.8 billion dollar business in 2019. Sync Licensing was a 1.1 Billion dollar business in 2019. How much of that money did you earn? No streams wont make you rich starting out but neither does speaking.  Sync licensing helps you build up your assets. A speaking album is no different from writing a book. It actually is more valuable

if you look at all the ways to can package it into different types of  Audio & Video content. Every piece of content has viral potential. A 15 second audio clip could take off and lead to you getting an opportunity on a new motivational commercial for a sports team. A 60 second video clip of your cinematic speech track can be uploaded to YouTube and fit to the mold of the videos that you see when you type in motivational video. 

The more you grow your digital footprint the easier it will be for people to find you and support you., the easier it will be for people to find you and book you, the easier it will be for you to leverage for other opportunity’s. As we know there are 4 major types of visual media films, ,tv, video games, and commercials.

To receive royalties you have to be registered as the writer or co writer. Venues pay the PRO and receive a blanket license to broadcast and stream music. You do write your speeches yourself don’t you? I have a client with over 300,000 streams on his speech music, and 6,000 monthly listeners in countries from all around the world.

My goal is to help speakers get as much of there content in front of these decision makers as possible. If you are interested in getting some help growing your digital footprint or submitting your content to be considered than either send me an email to media@motivatormusic with the subject line TV or Commercial opportunities.

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