This has been a great year for Motivational speech music. Motivational speaker Eric Thomas really opened the door on what is possible a few years back when he peaked at #46 on the billboard top 100 songs. This year Motivational content on Spotify alone has received over 300,000 monthly listeners. With my service I have also been able to reap some of the benefits from the rising industry of motivational speech music.  Landing a partnership with Peptalk motivation to create motivational speech music.

On social media I have been running into a lot of post from musicians showing the amount of streams they received throughout the year. Some of the more popular artist like Drake and Taylor Swift are in the billions when it comes to streams. That sparked me to do a little research on some motivational companies known to distribute motivational content across the web. Motiversity for example has a big Youtube channel for motivational videos. They also distribute motivational speech music similar to the way Pep Talk Motivation does. This year on Spotify alone they reached 62 countries with their content and amassed over 41 thousand streams.

Streaming has changed the music industry forever and now motivational speech music is beginning to creep into the mix. A company called Fearless motivation is actually number one for motivation across streaming platforms, and all signs are pointing up in 2019.  More and more professional speakers are beginning to dabble with turning their keynote topics into speaking albums. Its great because it provides them a way to make money from the digital distribution of their message. 

My number 1 goal for 2019 is to produce a motivational speech song that makes it to the billboard top 100 songs. I am currently working on a few projects that could very well turn that goal into an accomplishment sooner than later.  If you are a professional speaker who is considering creating music we should talk. Music is the key to the soul; inspirational words combined with natural flowing music could change lives. 

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