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The 5 steps to Monetizing your Speaking Business

The 5 steps to monetizing your Speaking Business

In this Ebook I will share insight that most have have to pay thousands of dollars for. As a multimedia content producer I have a helped implement many brand building strategies. This book shows you how to make money from using your keynote topic as digital real estate.


Motivator Music came about from a grassroots motivational movement. Built around the spread of knowledge, passing out bookmarks in between shooting motivational music videos and short films.

Years ago a motivational speaker reached out curious about how we could collaborate. That collaboration turned into a collaborative speaking album.

Our service was created when another speaker on the album found value, and asked what it would cost to have their own album produced.

“It can be used as a sales asset, put on youtube, in email, sold at the back of the room, and used as a part of my marketing strategy”

Marketing Campaigns

There are over 400,000 professional speakers in the world and many our going months in between speaking engagements. The main reason is because they have out dated marketing material, and have not adapted to today’s demand for consistent content.

We create the content that will lead to your next speaking engagement as well as position your brand to land other opportunities.

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Think of your album as a product sell your individual tracks as you would your book

The speaking business has went entirely online since the pandemic. use our material within your marketing funnels, to get opt ins, sign ups, coaching clients, and position your brand for voice over opportunities.

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