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The 5 steps to Monetizing your Speaking Business COVID bundle

The 5 steps to monetizing your Speaking Business COVID bundle

You receive a training course and ebook that will guide you as you monetize your speaking business. Learn how you can make 6 figures from streaming your speeches.


Mass Media Via Keynote Albums

Your level of expertise on your subject is the number one deciding factor when it comes to your speaking rates.

Your potential clients are sifting through tons of speaker suggestions as they come up with a short list of speakers.

Content is the great equalizer and gives you the opportunity to stand out above all other speakers while creating an experience for your listeners.

Use macro versions of your speeches to build your Digital Real Estate.

Showcase your expertise across your social media platforms, and earn money from streams by capitalizing on platforms like iTunes.

Media becomes mass media once its reproduced in quantity. Mass media is what is going to help you stand out from the pack of all of the other speakers out here. Every piece of content that you create has viral potential!

Growing Your Digital Real Estate

Google is literally the map of the internet. Every piece of content that you create helps to build your digital real estate. Content comes in many forms, and every piece of content has viral potential.

Imagine having enough content online to guide your viewers through the process of buying your products, opting into trainings, streaming your speeches, and increasing your bookings because of it.

Your next opportunity does not have to come in the form of a speaking engagement. We help you position your brand to land voice over opportunities in commercials, video games, and films.

This year Motivational content on Spotify alone has received over 300,000 monthly listeners. With my service I have also been able to reap some of the benefits from the rising industry of motivational speech music.

Monetizing Your Message

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